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I’m excited to tell you about our hockey-themed, Words With Friends League, which will launch sometime in the next few weeks. Here are some of the details;

The Words With Hockey League (WWHL) will consist of 48 WWF players who will be evenly divided among 8 teams. Each of the 8 teams will represent an NHL Hockey team of their choice. Just like a real hockey team, the 6 members of each team will play different roles. For our league, the primary difference in these roles is the number of WWF matchups they will have each week.

The team captain is FORWARD 1, or F1. This player will pick an NHL team and recruit 5 other WWF players to join his team; FORWARD 2 (F2), FORWARD 3 (F3), DEFENDER 1 (D1), DEFENDER 2 (2) & GOALIE (G). Each of the forwards on the team will play 3 games per week over the 6-week regular season. Both of the defenders will play 2 games per week and the team’s goalie will play only 1 game per week. The regular season will be 6 weeks long, so each of the forwards will play 18 total games. Each defender will play 12 games and each goalie will play 6 games. When the 6 weeks of the regular season are over, each team will have played 84 games (18 + 18 + 18 + 12 + 12 + 6). 4 of the 8 teams will advance to the playoffs.

The table below shows the current lineup of teams and players. If you’d like to lead or join a team, either send me an email (WordLeagues@gmail.com) or comment in the facebook post which you led you to this page. If you’d like to be a team captain, you need to have an NHL team in mind and hopefully have a handful of players for your team who are committed to playing their role. Since this is a team league, it’s very important to not fall behind in your games because your whole team is counting on you to play your part. There will be penalties for teams that don’t finish their games on time.

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