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The 2nd season of the Words With Football League followed the 2015 NFL season and ended on 2/2/2016.

Congratulations to Mike Marsh and the New York Giants, the Words With Football League Champions. Well done, Mike!

The New York Giants (Mike Marsh / 14-5) came away with the victory in the second ever Words With Football League Championship. It was a hard-fought, defensive struggle from beginning to end against the AFC Champion, Oakland Raiders (Larry Borges / 15-4). The Giants emerged victorious by a close score of 421-401.

This match closes out the 2nd WWFL season. Dates for a 3rd season have not yet been determined. Whenever the league resumes, Eli Manning and the Giants will defend their championship crown against a slew of hungry WWF players. Thanks to everyone for a well-played season. Congrats to Larry Borges, the AFC Champion and congrats to Mike Marsh, the new WWFL CHAMPION!


WWFL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The grand finale is upon us! The championship game of the Words With Football League is this weekend. This is the 2nd season of the WWFL. Once again, we have two heavyweights in the final game: Mike Marsh (New York Giants / 13-5) against Larry Borges (Oakland Raiders / 15-3). These are familiar opponents, having played each other in many other tournaments. They’re also evenly matched, so it looks like the outcome’s in the hands of the tile fairy.

Neither the Raiders or the Giants made it to the playoffs last season. Both teams were in the hands of different owners. The transformation came in the offseason. The new owners came in and made several changes to the personnel which resulted in winning attitudes in both locker rooms. They also made smart decisions in the WWFL draft. After many intense battles throughout the regular season, they coasted in the playoffs with two large-margin wins.

The battle begins this weekend. Good luck to both players!

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CLE vs OAKAFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – 1/25/16: The Oakland Raiders (lwb2012 / 15-3) defeated the Cleveland Browns (renpav64 / 13-5) by a score of 480-324 in the AFC Championship game (board). Renee Pavee and the Browns were never able to get on the offensive roll that usually powers them to victory. Larry Borges’ skilled play and the stifling defense of the Raiders were simple too much to overcome. The outcome sets the stage for this weekend’s long-awaited WWFL Championship game between the Raiders and Giants. The owners of these two teams are very familiar with each other and there is much mutual respect between them. Kickoff is this Saturday.

NYG vs STLNFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – 1/24/16: The New York Giants (Swampman681 / 13-5) defeated the St. Louis Rams (Lawtonsooner / 13-5) by a score of 502-354 in the NFC Championship game (board). The Giants will play in the WWFL Championship game against either the Raiders or the Browns. The Giants didn’t make the playoffs last season, but new ownership this season has taken them to the grand finale game of the season. Congrats to the Clay Hillis and the Rams for a very well-played season. We’re looking forward to seeing you next season as the representative of the Los Angeles Rams. Congrats to both players.

AFC NFC Championships WWFL2


One of these 4 teams will be our new Words With Football League Champion. Let’s take a look at how they arrived to the AFC and NFC Championship games.


12573656_1076862259032456_4293517854003765866_n1/20/16: The Cleveland Browns (renpav64 / 13-4) defeated the defending WWFL Champion Houston Texans (jag75austin/ 13-5) by a score of 499-390 in their Round 2 matchup (game board). The Texans simply couldn’t withstand the floodgates of the Browns’ offense, which averaged 50 points over their first 8 moves. “We did our best,” said Texans QB Joseph Gonzales. “We didn’t make mistakes and we didn’t set them up for big plays…they just created big moves out of nowhere and we couldn’t keep up with them.” Renee Pavey and the Browns are known for robust offensive attacks…and in this season, they matched it with stout defensive play that prevented opponents from scoring, which led to their impressive 12-4 record.

The Final Four of the WWFL is now set. In both the NFC and AFC, the #1-seeded team will face the #2-seeded team; Rams vs. Giants and Raiders vs. Browns. It appears that the bye-week was truly an invigorating benefit to these four teams because they all won their Round 2 games with ease. We’re excited to see how it all plays out this weekend.

9143_1076631825722166_1190033306720573875_n1/19/16: The Oakland Raiders (lwb2012 / 14-3) defeated the Baltimore Ravens (Stadesmith/ 13-5) by a score of 420-341 in their Round 2 matchup (game board). Charlene Smith and the Ravens fought hard all season long, but come up short once again to the Oakland Raiders. Larry Borges and Raiders will now host the #2-seeded Cleveland Browns (renpav64 / 13-4) who recently won their Round 2 match against the Texans. Congrats to Charlene for a terrific first season in the league. We’re looking forward to see you next season.

ARZ vs NYG1/19/16: The New York Giants (Swampman681 / 12-5) defeated the Arizona Cardinals (JLuv0102 / 12-6) by a score of 446-395 in their Round 2 matchup (game board), which now paints a clear picture of what we should expect to see in the NFC Championship; the #1-seeded team against the #2-seeded team. The Rams won their game against the Redskins over the weekend. Congrats to Joanne Loveall and the Cardinals for a great season. We’re looking forward to seeing you again in WWFL 3. The Giants must now head to St. Louis for what could be the very last Rams game played in that town. The team is expected to move the entire franchise to Los Angeles as soon as next season.

WASHvsSTL21/16/16: The St. Louis Rams (Lawtonsooner/ 13-4) defeated the Washington Redskins (njcaus / 12-6) by a score of 441-388 in their Round 2 matchup (game board). It was a quickly-played game that was over just a couple of hours after the Round 2 matchups were posted. The Rams advance to the NFC Championship next weekend as they wait for the winner between the Giants and Cardinals. The fans in St. Louis, however, are cheering for their team with mixed emotions…excited on one hand that the Rams are advancing through the playoff…but devastated on the other hand to know the Rams might not be their team for much longer. It was announced last week that the Rams will be packing up their bags after this season and moving the team to Los Angeles, regardless of what happens in this postseason.

“What do we have to cheer for? Even if they win it all, it doesn’t matter…they’re leaving us for another city.”

Rams fan…following the win on Saturday night

It was an impressive first season in the WWFL for Norm Chafetz (njcaus), who battled all season long with the Giants for the NFC East title, coming up short in the end by just 165 total points in the 2nd tiebreaker. He single-handedly turned around the Redskins, an 8-8 team from last season that didn’t make the playoff. Congrats to Norm on getting to the playoff and notching a playoff win. We’re looking forward to seeing you next season.

1/16/16: 8 teams remain as we enter the second round of the Words With Football League Playoffs. 3 of the 4 wildcard teams won their matchup in Round 1, revealing once again the thin line between division winners and wildcards this season. The winners of this upcoming round will advance to the AFC and NFC Championship games, which then produces our championship matchup. The Raiders easily beat the Ravens in Week 2, but that was September. A long, competitive season has been played since then and now they face each other again in Oakland. Last season, the Texans and Browns produced the first-ever tie game in the WWFL. We shall see if the Texans defense can slow down the high-octane offense of the Browns. The Redskins take on the #1-seeded Rams and the Cardinals face the Giants in New York. Details of all their first round victories are down below. Stay tuned to this page for game updates. Have a great weekend!


BALvsNYJROUND 1 PLAYOFF UPDATES – 1/16/16: The Baltimore Ravens (Stadesmith/ 13-4) defeated the New York Jets (Xiraxa / 10-7) by a score of 402-390 in their Round 1 matchup (game board). It was a hard-fought game that required extra time to complete, but the Ravens emerge victorious from the scuffle and move on to the next round. They are the 3rd of 4 wildcard teams to win their Round 1 matchup. The Round 2 schedule of the AFC playoffs is now set. The Ravens will head to Oakland to face the #1-seeded Raiders (lwb2012 / 13-3) and the Texans (jag75austin / 13-4) will play the #2 Cleveland Browns (renpav64 / 12-4). The winners of the these two matches will face each other in the AFC Championship.

1/14/16: The Washington Redskins (njcaus / 12-5) defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Donnadwyer111 / 10-7) by a score of 420-393 in their Round 1 matchup (game board). Neither team was able to surge on offense as both defenses clamped down to make it a low-scoring game. The Round 2 schedule of the NFC playoffs is now set. The Redskins will head to St. Louis to face the #1-seeded Rams (Lawtoonsooner / 12-4) and the Cardinals (JLuv0102 / 12-5) will play the #2 New York Giants (Swampman681 / 11-5). The winners of the these two matches will face each other in the NFC Championship.

11235385_1072315029487179_2493015297076882537_n1/11/16: The Arizona Cardinals (JLuv0102 / 12-5) defeated the Minnesota Vikings (sainter4ever / 8-9) by a score of 451-444 in their Round 1 matchup (game board). The Vikings led the game the whole way behind two big bingos, but the Cardinals took the lead and the win on the last play of the game, a chip-shot field goal to advance to the next round.

INDvsHOU1/10/16: The Houston Texans (jag75austin / 13-5) defeated the Indianapolis Colts (Tim_Strim / 11-6) by a score of 539-342 in their Round 1 matchup (game board). The Texans will face the Cleveland Browns (renpav64 / 12-4) next weekend in Round 2. This means that the winner of the match between the Baltimore Ravens (Stadesmith / 12-4) and the New York Jets (Xiraxa / 10-6) will face the Oakland Raiders (lwb2012 / 13-3) next weekend in Round 2.

1/9/16: The regular season of the Words With Football League has just concluded. We now enter the January playoffs to determine our next WWFL Champion. The first-round matchups are above. In the AFC and the NFC, the #3-seeded team plays the #6 team and the #4-seeded team plays the #5 team. In round 2, the #1-seeded team will play the lower-seeded team that comes out of round 1. And the #2-seeded team will play the higher-seeded team to come out of round 1.


UPDATES: The Cleveland Browns (renpav64 / 12-4) have clinched the AFC North Division title, a first-round bye in the playoffs and the #2 seed in the AFC with their win over the Steelers.

The Arizona Cardinals (JLuv0102 / 11-5) have clinched a wildcard spot in the playoffs and the #5 seed in the NFC with their win over the Seahawks.

The Washington Redskins (njcaus / 11-5) have clinched a wildcard spot in the playoffs and the #6 in the NFC with their win over the Cowboys.

The Oakland Raiders (lwb2012 / 13-3) have clinched a first-round bye in the playoffs and the #1 seed in the AFC with their over the Chiefs.

The St. Louis Rams (Lawtonsooner / 12-4) have clinched the NFC West Division title and a first round bye in the playoffs with their win over the 49ers.

The New York Jets (Xiraxa / 10-5) have clinched the AFC East Division with their win over the Patriots.

The New York Giants (Swampman681 / 11-4) have clinched the NFC East Division title with their win over the Vikings. The Giants will have a first-round bye in the playoffs.

The Minnesota Vikings (sainter4ever / 8-7) have clinched the NFC North Division title due to the Bears’ loss in Week 16.

The Houston Texans (jag75austin / 11-4) have clinched the AFC South Division title with their win over the Titans.

The Oakland Raiders (lwb2012 / 11-3) have clinched the AFC West Division title with their win over the Packers.

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Welcome to Season 2 of the Words With Football League, our 17-week, Words With Friends competition which is themed and scheduled according to the National Football League. Our league consists of 32 Words With Friends players, each of which represents a real NFL team. The regular season is now complete. Below the Week 17 scores are the current STANDINGS and the LEADERBOARD, which is followed by the scores and schedule for all 17 weeks.

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