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Words With Football – Season 4

WWFL Season 4 Champion:
Tampa Bay Buccaneers,
represented by Donna Dwyer
WWFL Championship concluded on Sunday, 1/28/18

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TAMPA, FLORIDA – Donna Dwyer has been waiting for this moment…the opportunity to go back to the NFC Championship and earn a shot at the WWFL Championship in February. Donna played in this game in the inaugural WWFL season but hasn’t been there ever since. She will face the Panthers (AKALady71), a division rival who she already played twice this season. Donna and the Bucs defeated the Cowboys in Round 2 by a score of 477-406.
FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS – A late-game miscalculation by the Patriots (debbyoc) cost them the game. Stephanie Gabel’s Jets capitalized on the error and walked away with a 1-point win…the same margin of victory with which they defeated the Bengals the week before. The Jets will face the Oakland Raiders (lwb2012) who have played in the AFC title game the last two years.
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – Jennifer Dashiell Reed and the Carolina Panthers won their first ever WWFL playoff game last weekend, beating the Seahawks 421-366. The win earns the Panthers a spot in next weekend’s NFC Championship game against either the Bucs or the Cowboys.
OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – The Round 2 matchup between the Raiders (lwb2012) and the Broncos (trippster2) was a wild ride that finally resulted in a 7-point victory for the Raiders which advances them to their 3rd-straight AFC Championship game. They await the winner of the Jets / Patriots game. Broncos QB Tripp Wojohn threw multiple touchdown passes and amassed a heavy lead. But Larry’s Raiders slowly chipped away at the lead and finally pulled ahead at the end.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Jennifer Dashiell Reed’s Panthers shot out the gate with heavy scores, leading to a 112-point win over Barbara Raney’s Bears on Sunday. The win advances the Panthers to the 2nd round where they will play the Seahawks (sunrae77) in Seattle. The loss by the Bears brings their improbable playoff run to an end. Their dramatic late-season comeback to win the NFC North is nonetheless a great achievement.

HOUSTON, TEXAS – An early 111-point bingo by Tripp Wojohn (trippster2) was simply too much for Joseph Gonzales (jag75austin) to overcome as the Broncos defeated the Texans 437-423 to advance to the 2nd round of the playoffs. They will face either the Patriots or the Raiders. It was a painful home loss for Joseph’s Texans, but their return to the playoffs after a dismal 6-10 record last season offers hope that the team is a contender once again.

After a few weeks of struggling performance and a disappointing 4-7 record in Season 4, Renee Pavey (renpav64) officially stepped down from her position as head of the Cleveland Browns. The decision ends a 3-season run for Renee in which her Browns went 39-25. They also won two AFC North titles in the last two years.

WWFL free agent Arthur Lee (quackster100) stepped up and took the reigns in Cleveland despite knowing the team has no shot at the playoffs. He brought a new energy to the locker room and quickly picked up two wins for the Browns in his first two games. Arthur formerly played for the Packers and Ravens in previous seasons. Welcome back to the league, Arthur!

It appears that no team in the NFC East really wants to win that division. All 4 teams are 5-5, resulting in a 4-way tie. That’s a WWFL first…and it’s probably never happened in the NFL either. So as we enter the 12th week of the season, it might as well be Week 1 for the Cowboys, Giants, Eagles and Redskins. They all still have an equal chance of winning the division. What we’ve seen in previous seasons, however, is that one of these teams will win 4 or more of their remaining 6 games…and that will be enough to come out on top.

It appears that no team in the NFC East really wants to win that division. All 4 teams are 5-5, resulting in a 4-way tie. That’s a WWFL first…and it’s probably never happened in the NFL either. So as we enter the 12th week of the season, it might as well be Week 1 for the Cowboys, Giants, Eagles and Redskins. They all still have an equal chance of winning the division. What we’ve seen in previous seasons, however, is that one of these teams will win 4 or more of their remaining 6 games…and that will be enough to come out on top.

No team in the NFC is running away with their division. The NFC’s best record, shared by the Packers, Panthers, Bucs and Seahawks, is 6-4. This means that even the teams with only 3 or 4 wins are still capable of making the playoffs or even winning the division. All it takes is a hot streak and a little bit of luck. One thing is for sure…December will be loaded with some pivotal games that will make or break the season for some desperate teams. One way or another, the playoff picture will be crystal clear as we enter 2018 for the January playoffs. Good luck to all!

Going into Week 9, there is only 1 win separating the first and last place teams in the NFC East division. The Cowboys (Justplainlou) and Redskins (Romaines World) are both 4-3. The Eagles (Njleo88) are 4-4 and the Giants (njcaus) are 3-4. In other words, this division is still wide open for anyone to win it. This is actually the way it looks across all four divisions in the NFC. Only a few teams appear to be out of contention while every other team has a realistic chance of reaching first. May the best teams win 🙂

Ownership of the Kansas City Chiefs decided to make a mid-season coaching change to replace Randall Doi (12potato) who had personal matters to attend to. Randall graciously relinquished his position to WWFL veteran Justice Akuchie (JDizzy007). Justice’s first matchup was against the Raiders in Week 7 and he has agreed to finished out this season as head of Chiefs. I guess you could say he’s the “Chief Chief” hehe

The Bucs (DonnaDwyer111) beat the Bills by 109 points.

The Browns (renpav64) beat the Titans by 137 points.

The Raiders (lwb2012) beat the Chiefs by 158 points.

The Packers (Justmarilyn) beat the Saints by 195 points.

The Broncos (trippster2) scored 575 points, a full 200 points more than the Chargers.

And the Jets (Xiraxa) unloaded a 257-point beatdown on the struggling Dolphins.

Laura Dix Gabel’s Bengals pulled off an impressive win in Week 7 over Kenneth Ch’ng’s Steelers, which led to a virtual 3-way tie, along with Charlene’s Ravens, atop the AFC North division. The only team that’s not in the mix right now are the Browns who won this division the last two seasons. The Bengals have always been a high-scoring team, but struggled on the defensive side of the ball. But now in Season 4, they’re allowing 20 fewer points per game than they allowed in Season 3, which makes a huge difference.

Following the surprising retirement of Mike Marsh (Swampman681), the 2-time champion Giants were left without a leader while heading into the 4th WWFL season. However, the void has been quickly filled. Norm Chafetz (njcaus), has agreed in principle to take over the New York Giants for the upcoming season. Norm quickly agreed to the deal after the offer was presented to him. The player who originally agreed to lead the Giants got cold feet and backed out at the last minute.

Renee Pavey (renpav64) has never hidden her preference for Kansas City over Cleveland. She’s been playing in this league from the very beginning, albeit reluctantly, in Cleveland. Kansas City is where she always wanted to be, but that team was taken early on by Randall Doi (12potato). Renee had a chance to claim KC as her team in the Season 4 Tryouts, but ultimately came up short against Randall Doi who will lead the Chiefs for a fourth straight season.

Although she lost, Renee utilized her back-up option of simply staying in Cleveland. But Browns fans are now expressing outrage and betrayal for having an owner who clearly doesn’t want to be in Cleveland. “It just doesn’t make any sense,” said Johnny Longjohns. “Renee’s done very well in Cleveland. She even took us to the AFC Championship game a couple years back. Why would she leave.”

In spite of the hurt feelings, it’s generally expected that Browns fans will forgive Renee for her wandering eyes. All that matters in Cleveland is winning. Renee may not be around next year, but she’s definitely there today. Best of luck to Renee in Season 4.

Various players have exited and entered the league after many battles in the WWFL Tryouts. Four players are totally new to the Words With Football League. Janet Arpin Coton (Lady Luck 72) won the New Orleans Saints’ tryout. Debby O’Connor (debbyoc) won the New England Patriots. Rae Presnell (sunrae77) powered through many opponents and to win the Seattle Seahawks and Graham S. Francis (gstevef) ended up taking with the Los Angeles Chargers. Congrats to these new players and everyone else who reclaimed their teams and to those who moved over to a new team.

After winning the inaugural WWFL Championship in 2015, league founder Joseph Gonzales (jag75austin) knew it was all downhill from that moment. As an influx of potent players entered the league for Season 2, Joseph knew it would be virtually impossible to repeat his championship performance. The possibility of repeated success would become even more unlikely in Season 3 when Joseph turned his back on responsible living and embraced a raucous, destructive lifestyle of booze and loose living.

The poor choices had obvious consequences on the field. Out of shape, out of practice and under-prepared, Joseph lost 9 of 10 games in the middle of the season and finished 6-10. This was clearly not the same guy who led the team to a championship and a 29-8 record in his first two seasons.

The fans in Houston had had enough. Joseph was often seen around town late at night in bars and other shady locations…drinking, carousing and bragging about his former WWFL glory. Houstonians who had once cheered and celebrated Joseph’s success in the playoffs were now calling him a “washed up has-been.”

And when the Texans became available again in the Season 4 tryout, the collective wish in Houston is that the team would go to “anyone but Joseph.” Gina Barnes (ginab72) was Joseph’s challenger in the final round of the Texans tryout and all of Houston rallied behind her. “Go Gina Go!” they yelled throughout the stadium.

“Beat that lazy bum!”

Yet in spite of losing the support of the city where he was born and raised…and despite being out of shape and having not practiced since December, Joseph mustered a couple of wins in the tryout to reclaim the Texans for a 4th straight season. It’s a chance at redemption. He’ll have to regain the trust and respect of his town, but Joseph is ready to make a comeback in Season 4 and forget about the downfall that preceded it. Joseph and the Texans host Johnny Lang (91jagZ) and the Jaguars in Week 1.

Barbara Raney (bjraney) was the odd man out in a fiercely competitive division (NFC North) in Season 3. After starting the season with a strong 5-1 record, she stumbled in the 2nd half to finish 7-9, which made her Bears available again for a preseason tryout. However, Barbara blistered the competition in the Bears tryout with 4 quick wins – none of which were close – to regain ownership of the Chicago Bears.

With Barbara back with the Bears, the NFC North is fully intact again with the same players as last season; Fiona Brennan Scott (sainter4ever) with the Vikings, Marilyn Lalonde (justmarilyn) with the Packers and Theresa Martin (dmtm123) with the Lions. There was a long stretch in Season 3 when these 4 teams weren’t losing to anyone except each other. We have every reason to expect this division to be fiercely competitive once again. Good luck to all.

After 3 seasons in New Orleans and a 0-1 record in the playoffs, Johnny Lang is headed to Jacksonville to lead the Jaguars in Season 4 of the Words With Football League. Lang missed the signup for the Saints tryout and had no other option but the Jags, but it was a good option nonetheless as Lang has connections with several Jacksonville players who went to his college.

It’s a whole new landscape of competition in the AFC for Johnny Lang. He’ll have two games apiece against the Texans (jag75austin), Colts (Tim_Strim) and the Titans (muteone). The Jaguars have an 18-30 franchise record and have never been to the playoffs, but Johnny has what it takes to make improvements and get his new team to the playoffs. Welcome to Jacksonville, Johnny. Good luck!

Lifelong Seahawks fan Rae Presnell (sunrae77) has taken the throne in Seattle. She becomes the third representative of the Hawks by defeating Mike Wilson (Hotdog210) and (Norm Chafetz) njcaus in the preseason tryout. Wilson led Seattle to a 9-7 record in Season 2 but then fell to 5-11 in Season 3, which necessitated that the team be made available again for Season 4.

Presnell aspires to be the first Seahawks coach to lead the team to the playoffs. On September 8, Presnell and the Hawks head to Green Bay for their Week 1 matchup against the Packers (Marilyn Lalonde / justmarilyn). In Weeks 2 and 12 she’ll face Seattle’s arch nemesis, Thomas Anthony (SherlockJr.) and the San Francisco 49ers.

Good luck Rae and welcome to the Words With Football League!

Rumors are spreading all over WWFL headquarters that two-time defending champion Mike Marsh (Swampman681) decided to completely retire from playing WWF a couple of months ago. This obviously raises several questions about his future in the Words With Football League. On one hand, he’s got nothing left to prove. After winning back to back championships, it would be understandable if Marsh simply wished to go out on top as a winner. But this is simply bad news to Giants fans who want a third championship just as badly as they wanted the first one. We have reached out to Marsh for a confirmation on this story and have yet to hear back from him. I’ll update this story when we hear back from him.