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Season 4: (muteone / 9-7) – 3rd place – AFC South

The Titans’ 0-4 start to Season 4 was simply too much to overcome. Nonetheless, Tracy’s Titans made a valiant effort to get into the playoff mix by winning 6 of their last 7 games. Congrats Tracy on a winning season. We hope to see you again in Season 5.

Season 3: (muteone / 8-8) – 2nd place – AFC South

SANTIAGO, CHILE – In the midst of one of her world-traveling excursions, eccentric WWF fanatic Tracy Overby found the time to make a strong push for the rights to represent a WWFL team.

While on business in Santiago, Chili, Overby powered through two tryout tourneys and won both of them, ultimately opting for the Tennessee Titans of the AFC South. The Titans have managed to win only 9 games in the last two seasons but are likely to benefit from the exciting personality of their new owner.

Congratulations to Tracy. Welcome to the Words With Football League!

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Faced with the possibility of going 0-4 to start the season, Tracy Overby (muteone) and the Titans unleashed an avalanche of points (465-338) against the Texans (jag75austin / 3-1) to secure their first win of the season (muteone / 1-3).

Texans’ QB Joseph Gonzales picked a bad day to struggle on offense as Overby’s Titans averaged nearly 50 points on their first 4 moves. “She’s a challenging opponent when we’re playing at our best,” said Joseph. “When we fell behind by 159 points in the 2nd quarter, I knew that a comeback was unlikely, if not impossible.”

The Texans’ blowout loss is strangely similar to their loss to the Titans in their first matchup of last season. Tennessee was then managed by drbrownlee, who finished the season at 3-13 while the Texans went on to the playoffs. Nonetheless, the Titans were in charge that day, just like they were today.

On the locker room calendar, Joseph and the Texans have December 30th circled in red. That’s the date of their rematch against the Titans…in Week 17.

Season 2: (drbrownlee / 3-13) – 4th place – AFC South

Season 1: (drbrownlee / 6-10) – 3rd place – AFC South

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