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After winning the inaugural WWFL Championship in 2015, league founder Joseph Gonzales (jag75austin) knew it was all downhill from that moment. As an influx of potent players entered the league for Season 2, Joseph knew it would be virtually impossible to repeat his championship performance. The possibility of repeated success would become even more unlikely in Season 3 when Joseph turned his back on responsible living and embraced a raucous, destructive lifestyle of booze and loose living.

The poor choices had obvious consequences on the field. Out of shape, out of practice and under-prepared, Joseph lost 9 of 10 games in the middle of the season and finished 6-10. This was clearly not the same guy who led the team to a championship and a 29-8 record in his first two seasons.

The fans in Houston had had enough. Joseph was often seen around town late at night in bars and other shady locations…drinking, carousing and bragging about his former WWFL glory. Houstonians who had once cheered and celebrated Joseph’s success in the playoffs were now calling him a “washed up has-been.”

And when the Texans became available again in the Season 4 tryout, the collective wish in Houston is that the team would go to “anyone but Joseph.” Gina Barnes (ginab72) was Joseph’s challenger in the final round of the Texans tryout and all of Houston rallied behind her. “Go Gina Go!” they yelled throughout the stadium.

“Beat that lazy bum!”

Yet in spite of losing the support of the city where he was born and raised…and despite being out of shape and having not practiced since December, Joseph mustered a couple of wins in the tryout to reclaim the Texans for a 4th straight season. It’s a chance at redemption. He’ll have to regain the trust and respect of his town, but Joseph is ready to make a comeback in Season 4 and forget about the downfall that preceded it. Joseph and the Texans host Johnny Lang (91jagZ) and the Jaguars in Week 1.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – For the 2nd straight weekend, the Texans (jag75austin / 3-2) scored less than 390 points. The Minnesota Vikings (sainter4ever / 4-1) passed and ran the ball with ease on Saturday for a 446-387 victory over Houston.

The win puts the Vikings (4-1) in 1st place in the ultra-competitive NFC North division. The Texans are now 3-2 along with their primary division rival, the Indianapolis Colts (Tim_Strim). The two teams play each other next week.

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Faced with the possibility of going 0-4 to start the season, Tracy Overby (muteone) and the Titans unleashed an avalanche of points (465-338) against the Texans (jag75austin / 3-1) to secure their first win of the season (muteone / 1-3).

Texans’ QB Joseph Gonzales picked a bad day to struggle on offense as Overby’s Titans averaged nearly 50 points on their first 4 moves. “She’s a challenging opponent when we’re playing at our best,” said Joseph. “When we fell behind by 159 points in the 2nd quarter, I knew that a comeback was unlikely, if not impossible.”

The Texans’ blowout loss is strangely similar to their loss to the Titans in their first matchup of last season. Tennessee was then managed by drbrownlee, who finished the season at 3-13 while the Texans went on to the playoffs. Nonetheless, the Titans were in charge that day, just like they were today.

On the locker room calendar, Joseph and the Texans have December 30th circled in red. That’s the date of their rematch against the Titans…in Week 17.

HOUSTON, TEXAS – The Chicago Bears (bjraney / 0-1) had all but wrapped up a road win in Houston against the Texans (jag75austin / 1-0). Leading by 73 points, the Bears played “BOOZED” for 27, which emptied the tile bag and increased the Bears’ lead to 100.

Unbeknownst to the Bears and most of the Texans’ fans who had already left the stadium assuming their team had lost, the empty tile bag created a perfect scenario for the Texans to end the game with a 68-point bingo (HEINOUS). The 22-point value of bjraney’s remaining letters was deducted from her total and added to jag75austin’s total, which effectively made the play a 112-point hail mary to win the game.


Season 3 – (jag75austin / 6-10)
3rd place – AFC South

Season 2 – (jag75austin / 15-5)
#3 OFFENSE (462.3 ppg)

Season 1 – (jag75austin / 16-3)
#3 DEFENSE (377.5 ppg)


WWFL Champions – Season 1
Joseph Gonzales / jag75austin


AFC Conference Champions – Season 1
Joseph Gonzales / jag75austin

Season 2 AFC South Division Champions
Joseph Gonzales / jag75austin

IMG_20150926_171705Joseph Gonzales