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Welcome to the Words With Football League, the first ever football-based Words With Friends league. Much thought, time and effort went into the creation of this league for the fun and competition of WWF players. Our league is structured exactly like the National Football League. It consists of 32 WWF players, each of whom represents an NFL team. They’re split into two conferences (AFC & NFC) and 8 divisions. They play each other according to the actual NFL schedule, which consists of 16 regular season games over the course of 17 weeks, followed by a bracketed playoff tournament which results in one champion. The key difference between our league and the NFL, however, is that we don’t actually play football, but rather, Words With Friends. Click here to see the details of our latest season.

Fair play and sportsmanship are the crucial foundation of our league. Just like in the NFL, there are numerous ways to gain an unfair advantage in a WWF game. We expect that each of our players is adhering to our high standards of respectfulness and unassisted gameplay at all times. This means there should be no cheating of any kind. In-game features such as Word-Meter, Tile-Bag, Hindsight and Word Radar are permitted. However, the Swap+ feature is prohibited from use in WWFL games because it’s not available to all players.. Also, assistance from another person, app, website or any other media is prohibited. Play and complete your games and report your scores in a timely manner before the deadlines. Cheaters, problematic players and quitters will be replaced and disqualified from participation in future events.

THE BASICS: Each player will play 16 games (one per week) over the course of the 17-week regular season. One of the weeks at mid-season will be a bye week. There are 8 divisions in the league, each of which consisting of 4 teams.

Each team will play his divisional rivals twice, which accounts for 6 of the 16 games on the season. I (Joseph / UN: jag75austin) represent the Houston Texans. I am responsible to know who my weekly opponent is, to make my moves in that game in a timely manner and to make sure the score is reported before the Thursday night deadline of 11:59pm EST. You have 7 full days to complete each game, which should be more than enough time. If something comes up which prevents you from playing or if your opponent goes more than 24 hours without a move, notify the admin.

At the end of this regular season, everyone will have a win/loss record such as 3-13, 8-8, 12-4 or perhaps 16-0! Just like the NFL, the 12 best players will move on to the playoffs, which will have a tournament structure exactly like the NFL playoffs, producing an eventual WWFL Champion.

REPORTING SCORES: Game winners can email the details of their completed games to me directly at joseph@wordgames247.com. Please submit them like this:

jag75austin – 375
MyOpponent – 425


Houston Texans – 375
Kansas City Chiefs – 425

You don’t have to send any screenshots, but you can if you’d like to. The more screenshots and game details you send me, the more you and your games will be featured on our regular WWFL posts. Another option for submitting scores is to post them at the bottom of the WWFL page. Everything you see on that page is coming from an embedded spreadsheet. After submitting your scores, the website should be updated within the hour. This includes your game score, your record, your rank and your personal stats. At the top of the page are the scores for the current week. Just below these scores are the standings and stats. And below the standings and stats are the scores and schedules of all 17 weeks. So basically, everything you want to see is on that page.

I’ll be adding more guidelines to this page as we move forward. But for now, just have fun, play with good sportsmanship and enjoy the league. I made it for you.

Joseph – jag75austin

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