WWFL Playoffs – Season 3

giants wwfl champions s3

Well, ladies and gentlemen…it’s apparently Mike Marsh’s world…and we’re simply living in it. For he has demonstrated his exemplary skills on the field once again and has captured his second straight Words With Football League Championship. Mike Marsh and the New York Giants are now back-to-back CHAMPIONS!! Congratulations to Mike (Swampman681) for another incredible season and another league title!

The odds of winning it all this season were even tougher than last season. Before Season 3 started, an influx of talented players entered the league, displacing a few players who posted weak records in the first two seasons. In other words, the competition went up a few levels.

This was especially evident in the Giants’ division. The Dallas Cowboys went 0-16 in Season 2 but the franchise was taken over by Lou Tharp (Justplainlou) who made things interesting in the NFC East division, winning 1 of the 2 matchups against Marsh’s Giants.

Nevertheless, the Giants quietly put together an admirable record of 11-5 in the regular season and claimed the #2 seed in the NFC. They narrowly defeated the Cardinals (JLuv0102) in the divisional round before beating the 15-1 San Francisco 49ers (SherlockJr.) by another slim margin in the NFC Championship.

That win propelled the Giants to their second straight appearance in the WWFL Championship, a rematch against a very familiar foe; Larry Borges (lwb2012) and the Oakland Raiders. The tension in Oakland was fierce as Larry’s veteran squad could think of nothing else but winning the title.

Giants 482 - Raiders 410Both players left behind their usual conservatism in order to expand the board and capture big points and bingos…which in turn set up their opponent for big points. Mike Marsh averaged 40 points per play in the 1st half and Larry Borges averaged 34.

Everything changed early in the 3rd quarter as Larry stormed out of halftime and took the lead with a 64-point bingo (NEUROID).  His next play was LUV for 23 points on the left side. Mike, however, was able to capitalize on both plays, accumulating 150 points in 3 plays as a result of Larry’s risky expansion of the board. The final blow was SCUTAGE, which connected with three DWs at the top for 64 points.

It was too much to overcome for the Raiders. They continued to score…but it wasn’t enough. Mike ran out the clock to close out the game with a 72-point lead. A breakdown table of the gameplay is down below.

It’s another stinging loss in the championship for Larry’s Raiders. They are clearly the class of the AFC, but the championship game will remain the hurdle which they must get over. They will no doubt return for redemption in Season 4. But these Raiders have every right to be proud of their performance in Season 3.

Hats off to Larry Borges for another fantastic season, the AFC Championship and an exemplary demonstration of sportsmanship.

As for those who wished for the Giants to suffer a loss which would humble their over-confident head coach, you’ll have to wait another season. Mike Marsh is hoisting the WWFL Championship trophy again. It shines with all it’s majestic glory. Well done, Mike. You played a tough schedule and got it done. Congratulations from all of us at Word Games 24/7.

You’re the champ…but you already knew that 🙂

55 – EPINAOS 31 – QIS Giants by 24
25 – XI 61 – BREATHER Raiders by 12
48 – LITERATE 38 – FEME Raiders by 2
52 – PHONO 22 – VROW Giants by 28
42 – CESTI 30 – LIMY Giants by 40
26 – MUDDY 32 – JAR Giants by 34
31 – ARGOT 25 – NEROLS Giants by 40
20 – AH 64 – NEUROID Raiders by 4
42 – HANSA 23 – LUV Giants by 15
44 – GALILEE 43 – BONK Giants by 16
64 – SCUTAGE 25 – FUTZ Giants by 55
21 – ROOSE 20 – WON Giants by 56
8 – EH Giants by 64
+4 (end game points) -4 (end game points) Giants by 72
482 – GIANTS 410 – RAIDERS


WWFL Championship Weekend

It’s Championship Weekend in the WWFL and now it all comes down to one match, a rematch of last year’s championship game! The New York Giants, led by Mike Marsh (Swampman681), will once again face Larry Borges (lwb2012) and the Oakland Raiders!

Let’s break down the NFC and AFC Championships and see how we arrived to this critical rematch in the title game:

WWFL Championship Weekend

The NFC came down to the #1 and #2-ranked teams in the conference, as many experts predicted throughout the season. It was a tightly-fought battle throughout, but the WWFL’s defending champions, the New York Giants, pulled off the victory in Santa Clara against the San Francisco 49ers to advance once again to the WWFL Championship.

It was only the 2nd loss of the season for Thomas Anthony (SherlockJr.) and the 49ers. Their smothering defense wreaked havoc for opposing offenses who struggled to put points on the board. Even in this game, the Giants barely came away with the victory by a score of 410-389. Congratulations to Thomas for a fantastic season and a complete resurrection of the 49ers franchise, which had under-performed in past seasons. We’re looking forward to seeing you again in Season 4.

Although Giants’ Head Coach Mike Marsh tends to get a little cocky and overconfident at times, no one in the New York locker room is underestimating the skill and determination of their next opponent; the same Raiders team they faced last season in the championship of Season 2. Good luck, Mike!

WWFL Championship Weekend

The AFC Championship turned out to be a little underwhelming. The Raider fans in the Oakland Coliseum were perfectly happy to watch a boring game that was practically over already in the 1st quarter. The Raiders will get another shot at the championship…and that’s all that matters to Raider Nation.

The 201-point blowout over the Pittsburgh Steelers ends the season for WWFL newcomer Kenneth Chang (Skool13). Like Thomas Anthony in San Francisco, Kenneth took a team to the playoffs that had never been there before. He finishes the season with a 12-7 record and the #2-ranked defense in the league. Congratulations, Kenneth, on a great first season and a deep run in the playoffs. We hope to see you again in Season 4.

The Raiders not only get another shot at the WWFL title, but it will be against the same team that kept them from the title last season. Returning to this position has been Larry Borges’ mission from day one. He started the season with 8-straight wins before hitting a rough patch that included 5 losses. Yet it was a foregone conclusion that he would take the Raiders deep into the playoffs…and here are. Best of luck to you, Larry!!

May the best man win!!


WWFL Championship Weekend

Championship Weekend is upon us in the Words With Football League. There are only two matches left to determine who will play in the WWFL Championship Game next weekend. Are we going to have a rematch of last year’s championship between the Giants and Raiders? Or will a new team have a shot at winning the title?

Last weekend’s four games in the Divisional Round consisted of 4 women playing against 4 men. Surprisingly, the men won all four games, ending the season of those fantastic female players. Let’s take a look at how it all happened;


The Bills and Raiders went head to head for the second time this season. The Bills came out ahead by one point in their regular season matchup … and the playoff rematch was also tense and tight for most of the game. But the tension finally gave out late in the 4th quarter when the Raiders’ veteran QB Larry Borges connected with receiver Amari Cooper for a 65-yard bomb of a play for touchdown. The word played was MAGNETON.

The loss by the Bills ends an exciting season and their first appearance in the playoffs. There is plenty to build on for next season. Winning the AFC East was a major hurdle to overcome and they achieved it. Congratulations Si Si for a great season. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Season 4.

The win advances the Raiders to their second straight appearance in the AFC Championship where they will face the Steelers.


They say that defense wins championships. If true, the San Francisco 49ers could very well be on their way to winning it all. The #1 defense in the league reduced the high-powered offense of the Minnesota Vikings to 375 points, which is a full 100 points below their season average. The 428-375 win advances Thomas Anthony and the 49ers to their first ever NFC Championship game where they will face the Giants.

Fiona Brennan-Scott and the Vikings finish the season with an impressive 12-6 record, a dramatic step up from their 8-9 record last season. Although Fiona has not yet spoken to the media about next season, we’re hoping she’ll be back to represent the Vikings in Season 4. Congratulations Fiona on a great season.

PITT v CLE board

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only Wild Card team to make it to Championship Weekend after their 467-428 victory over Renee Pavey and the Cleveland Browns. It’s another case where a strong defense prevented a potent offense from scoring their usual high number of points. Kenneth Ch’ng and the Steelers shot out the gate with an early lead and never relinquished it.

Congratulations to Renee Pavey for another fantastic season at 11-6, plus the AFC North division title. In spite of Renee’s success in Cleveland, it’s no secret that she has always wanted the head-coaching job in Kansas City, the team she grew up supporting. It wasn’t possible for her to try out for that job in last year’s offseason, but she will have that option in this upcoming offseason. So does Renee plan to stay in Cleveland? Or will she make a play for the Chiefs? We’ll keep you posted.

The Steelers face the defending AFC Champion Raiders this weekend in Oakland. The Raiders are chomping at the bit to get back to the WWFL Championship, but the Steelers simply cannot be overlooked. They have the #2 defense in the league and are averaging 476 points on offense in their last 3 games. They’re hot at just the right time. Nonetheless, the experienced Raiders have “been here” and “done that.” We’re excited to see who will be representing the AFC in next week’s WWFL Championship game. Good luck to you both, Larry and Kenneth.


The fourth match of the weekend took place in New Jersey. Mike Marsh and the defending WWFL Champion Giants hosted Joanne Loveall and the Cardinals in the Divisional Round. It was a close battle throughout, but the champs came out on top in a low-scoring affair, 386-365.

Joanne’s Cardinals have one of the best franchise records in the league. They have twice made it to the divisional round and once made it to the NFC Championship. They finish this season at 12-6 and will certainly be a dominant force in the NFC West again next season. Congratulations to Joanne on another fantastic season.

The win by the Giants puts them up against the #1 team in the league with the #1 defense. Mike Marsh and Thomas Anthony have a long, evenly-matched history against one another. These are friendly foes, but nonetheless badly want to represent the NFC in the WWFL Championship. May the best man win. Good luck to you both.


The first round of the WWFL Playoffs produced three blowouts and a nail-biter. 4 Wild Card teams squared off against 4 division winners. 3 of the 4 Wild Cards came out on top. The winners of these games will now play the 4 best teams in the league, each of which had no game to play last weekend.


Over in the AFC, the 9-7 Buffalo Bills (perennial_p) took on the 9-7 New York Jets (Xiraxa). The Jets are not only the main division rival of the Bills…they’re also the two-time champions of the AFC East division. But the Bills took the division crown from the Jets this season in spite of having the same record. The Bills went 2-0 against the Jets in the regular season…and as luck would have it, they are matched up for a third time in Round 1 of the playoffs. Could the Bills be so lucky as to defeat their main rival three times in a row?

It was a close match all the way through, but the Bills came out on top by only 15 points. The Jets must regroup from another early exit from the playoffs. We’re fully expecting Stephanie Gabel (Xiraxa) and the Jets to give another strong push for the playoffs next season. She finished 9-8, one of many great players who felt the impact of greater competition across the league. Congrats to Stephanie for a great season. Well done.

Si Si Bee (perennial_p) and the Bills (10-7) advance to the Divisional Round (Round 2) to face Larry Borges (lwb2012) and the vaunted Oakland Raiders (11-5), champions of the AFC West division. These two opponents are very familiar with each other, so it should be another classic playoff match. Best of luck to you both.


The Bills were the only division champion to survive the Wild Card Round. The other three matches were won by the Wild Cards. The first victorious Wild Card was the Minnesota Vikings (12-5), led by Fiona Brennan-Scott (sainter4ever). After a full season of tenacious fighting in the most competitive division in the league, taking down an opponent from another division was like a hot knife through butter for the Vikings. They came out fast and strong against the Carolina Panthers (10-7) for a 458-348 victory in Charlotte.

The loss by the Panthers doesn’t take away from the remarkable turnaround of the franchise by WWFL newcomer Jennifer Dashiell Reed (AKALady71). The Panthers held a league-worst 3-28 record before she took over in the offseason. She stumbled into a 1-4 start to the season but then rattled off 8 wins in her next 9 games to win the AFC South division where they had only finished in last place in seasons past. Congratulations Jennifer on a fantastic season. We’re looking forward to your return in Season 4.

Fiona and the Vikings move on to the Divisional Round of the playoffs to face Thomas Anthony (SherlockJr.) and the San Francisco 49ers (15-1), the NFC West Champions and undisputed powerhouse of the Words With Football League. Fiona beat Thomas last year in the regular season when Thomas was representing the San Diego Chargers, but that was a long time ago. Anything can happen this weekend. Best of luck to you both.


In Indianapolis, we anticipated a battle of two highly-touted defenses. But on gameday, only one defense showed up. The smothering defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers (11-6) was simply too much for the Indianapolis Colts (9-8) in this lopsided contest. Steelers quarterback Kenneth Ch’ng (Skool13) felt no pressure and was free to take risks the entire game with a comfortable lead in a 480-298 win.

The early playoff exit by Indianapolis is surely a disappointment, but Tim Strimenopoulos and the Colts are continually making progress, having won their first ever division title in the AFC South. Congrats to Tim on a great season. We’ll see you in Season 4.

The Steelers move on to face the Cleveland Browns (renpav64 / 11-5) in the Divisional Round. Led by Renee Pavey (renpav64), the Browns are the AFC North Champions and have the #1-ranked offense in the league. They’re determined to return to the AFC Championship game where they fell last season to the Raiders. The winner of this game will face the winner of the Bills / Raiders game. Good luck to you both, Kenneth and Renee 🙂


There was some uncertainty about how a hot-weather team like the Arizona Cardinals would fare in the cold-weather climate of Green Bay, but the Cardinals put all those concerns to rest in their 482-397 victory over the Packers last weekend. Joanne Loveall (JLuv0102) and the Cardinals (12-5) have been in the shadow of the 49ers all season long, but they are no less potent of a team than they were last season and are perfectly capable of winning the championship this season.

This was the first time in the playoffs for the Green Bay Packers (11-6), division champs of the NFC North. No franchise has had more coaching changes over the last three seasons. But it looks like they’re in good hands now with WWFL newcomer Marilyn Lalonde (justmarilyn), who admirably battled to win a very tough division. Marilyn has confirmed her intent to return to the Packers next season, so we’ll see you then, Marilyn. Congratulations on a great season and your division title.

To be the best, you have to beat the best. Nobody knows this better than Joanne Loveall. She and the Cardinals fly across the country once again to face the defending WWFL Champions; Mike Marsh (Swampman681) and the New York Giants (11-5). It was the Giants who knocked the Cardinals out of the playoffs last season in a close match. Joanne gets her chance at revenge this weekend. Best of luck to you both.

Keep an eye on the WWFL main page (link) for the latest playoff updates and scores. Have a great weekend, everybody 🙂