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Sian Evans Struel and the Patriots finally got into the win column this past weekend by defeating the Buffalo Bills 396-392. It’s been a tough season so far for the Pats, who were playoff contenders in both of the last two seasons. The playoffs may be out of reach in season 3, but it’s nonetheless admirable to see a player scratch and crawl for a win…just for the sake of winning. Congrats, Sian.
Legendary WWF player Debby O’Connor (debbyoc) successfully defeated Janet Arpin Coton (Lady Luck 72) in the tryout final for the New England Patriots (link). Sian Evans Struel (Duransian) led the Patriots to a .500 record and one playoff appearance in first three seasons of the WWFL. Debby and the Pats will now contend with formidable AFC East rivals in the New York Jets (Xiraxa) and the Buffalo Bills (perennial_p). Welcome to the league, Debby!


Season 3 – (Duransian / 3-13)
4th place – AFC East

Season 2 – (Duransian / 10-6)
2nd place – AFC East

Season 1 – (Duransian / 11-6)
2nd place – AFC East

debbyocDebby O’Connor