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PERTH, AUSTRALIA – The Philadelphia Eagles have a new owner. Australian musician Stuart Selkirk (aka Purplepash) was victorious in the Eagles tryout, which had only one other participant.

After making the playoffs in Season 1, the Eagles took a step backward in Season 2 with only 5 wins and a 3rd place finish. Selkirk will make the long flight from Australia to Philadelphia to assemble a coaching staff and to evaluate the talent of his team. He was very close to winning a team before last season, but barely came up short in his tryouts.

Stuart is stepping into the gauntlet division of the WWFL, the NFC East, which includes the WWFL Champion New York Giants (Mike Marsh / Swampman681) and the 11-5 Washington Redskins (Norm Chafetz / njcaus). Congratulations Stuart and good luck in Season 3!


Season 3 – (Purplepash / 4-12)
4th place – NFC East

Season 2 – (Njleo88 / 5-11)
3rd place – NFC East

Season 1 – (Njleo88 / 12-6)


NFC East Division Champions – Season 1
Nadesha Jones / Njleo88

njleo88Nadesha Jones