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MIAMI, FL – The Miami Dolphins want respect. This past weekend, Dolphins QB Romaine Wilson made it clear the Phins are no longer the doorstep of the AFC with their 421-403 upset over the Browns (renpav64 / 0-3) who are struggling on both sides of the ball. Wilson is very serious about the tough, new reputation of her team. She tattooed the following image to her back:

If the Dolphins continue to win, we’re curious to see if any new tattoos appear. We’ll keep you posted.

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Romaine Wilson will remain in charge of the Miami Dolphins for a second straight season after winning the preseason tryout for the team.

Wilson led the Dolphins to a 4-12 in Season 2, which put them in 4th place in the AFC East division. However, Romaine is focused on the future and ready to lead the Phins into the upcoming season. Stealing a couple of extra wins against divisional opponents could lead the team to their first WWFL playoff. Congratulations Romaine!


Season 3 – (Heyjude777 / 6-10)
3rd place – AFC East

Season 2 – (Romaines World / 4-12)
4th place – AFC East

Season 1 – (SuzieSydney / 1-15)
4th place – AFC East

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