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ARLINGTON, TEXAS – The introduction of new players has already led to some cracks in the power structure of the league. Nowhere was this more evident than in Dallas. New Cowboys owner Lou Tharpe (Justplainlou / 1-0) delivered on his promise to establish a winner in Big-D. So far so good.

His blowout win over the defending WWFL Champion New York Giants (Swampman681 / 0-1) could be an indication that the status quo is changing in the NFC East. But it’s still too early to tell. Meanwhile, the Cowboys head to Washington to play the Redskins (njcaus / 1-0), another NFC East rival. Mike Marsh and the Giants host the Saints (91jagZ / 0-1).

IRVING, TEXAS – Cowboys owner Jerry Jones held a press conference this morning in which he named Lou Tharp (Justplainlou) as the new Dallas coach.

The change comes as no surprise after the Boys In Blue went without a single win in Season 2 of the Words With Football League. “It was just time for a change,” said Jones. “We’re a franchise that is used to winning. We’re in a tough division and we need solid leadership to get us back on top of it.”

Landing the head job in Dallas is a dream come true for Tharp. Lou grew up in Alabama and now resides in Tennessee, but the Cowboys have always been his team and now it’s his job to get them back to prominence. It all started with his victory over 3 other contenders in the Cowboys tryout.

“Rest assured, I will do whatever it takes to turn this team around,” said Tharp. “If we want a winning culture again, it starts with the right mindset. We’re gonna get rid of the naysayers and the bad apples and replace them with hard-hitting, disciplined players. We’re not the doormat of this division anymore.”

The ink isn’t even dry on Tharp’s new contract, yet he must already brace his new team for a monumental challenge in Week 1. The defending WWFL Champion New York Giants (Mike Marsh / Swampman681) roll into town and will provide Tharp an immediate hurdle to jump.

“We’ll be ready,” said Tharp. “We don’t have a fancy championship trophy like they do. We’re hungry to get to that level. We’ll be ready when they show up.”


Season 3 – (Justplainlou / 8-8)
2nd place – NFC East

Season 2 – (Bluesunshine1975 / 0-16)
4th place – NFC East

Season 1 – (Bluesunshine1975 / 5-11)
4th place – NFC East

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