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Season 4 – (gstevef / 3-13)
4th place – AFC West

The Chargers franchise has been in San Diego for many years, but now the team is moving to Los Angeles. Only one season ago, the Rams made a similar move which devastated their loyal St. Louis fans. It remains to be seen who will be representing the Chargers in Season 4 of the WWFL. Whoever it is will have to share the City of Angels with another team.

WWFL newcomer Graham Francis is now the 5th owner of the Chargers as the team prepares for its fourth season. In a move that took San Diegans by surprise, the team picked up and moved from San Diego to Los Angeles in the offseason. LA had zero teams just a couple of years ago and now it has two.

Graham was the runner-up in the Chargers tryout which ended on 8/11. Barbara Raney (bjraney) won that tryout and the Bears tryout. Given the choice, she stuck with her Chicago Bears, which passed ownership of the Chargers to Graham. Although he grew up a fan of the Atlanta Falcons, he now resides in California and is excited to lead the Chargers in LA. His first game will be in Denver against Tripp Wojohn (trippster2) and the Broncos on 9/8.

Welcome to the league, Graham…and good luck!

Graham ranked #31 on offense and defense in his first ever WWFL season. This was the Chargers’ first season in Los Angeles. Graham stepped in and eagerly competed in each game. The Chargers will be available for new ownership in the offseason. Thank you Graham for being a part of this season!

Season 3 – (Gadzooks! / 5-10)
4th place – AFC West

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Phoenix artist Ed Chee (Gadzooks!) defeated two opponents in the San Diego tryout and will now go on to represent the Chargers in the upcoming third season of the Words With Football League.

The Chargers were well short of the playoffs in Season 2, finishing at 7-9. It will take time for Chee’s coaching style to take root in San Diego. Also, the AFC West didn’t get any easier. As Chee takes over in San Diego, Tripp Wojohn (trippster2) makes his way to Denver to represent the Broncos. It’s a stacked division from top to bottom.

Congratulations Ed and welcome to the Words With Football League.

Season 2 – (SherlockJr. / 7-9)
3rd place – AFC West

Season 1 – (Raul Bernal / 10-6)
2nd place – AFC West

Gadzooks!Graham S. Francis