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Weekly Weekend 104, 91st Edition!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

(** Pay particular attention to rule #5!  We’d like a screenshot of the final match to show our followers!!)

1.  Play one game with your opponent.

2. Winner is responsible for reporting scores, though certainly either party may report.  Scores must be reported by deadline or you will be eliminated from the tourney.  IF SLOW PLAY IS AN ISSUE, contact your admins!  Do it prior to deadline.  If neither player contacts admin, both are eliminated.  If the game is delayed and at time of deadline the player who is ahead reports scores to their win, that is not acceptable.  I need to hear from players with delayed play to make a ruling.  It is not guaranteed the player who is ahead advances.  I need to know what was the delay to decide the fairest outcome. If you are ahead and do not contact me but your opponent does, chances are they will advance!  FINAL WORD:  Communicate with your admins if there are issues!

3.  You may play to the next round as soon as you know your next opponent.

4. No outside help with your game playing, play timely, and communicate with your opponent as well as with your 24/7 admins  if you need assistance with this tourney!

5.  FINAL MATCH / TITLE MATCH:  The winner is to provide a screenshot of the final game!  Many players are asking and want to see what the winning board looked like, thus we adding this to the winners post!

6.  Have fun, and are you the next Weekly Weekend Wonder?  Brought to you by Words With Friends 24/7 , where it’s always fun and games!

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