WWFL Showdown in Houston Lives Up to the Hype

HOUSTON, TEXAS – We’ve had a few featured matchups in recent weeks with not-so-exciting results. But the latest featured matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans lived up to the hype in spectacular fashion. The two undefeated rivals were evenly matched, but it didn’t seem that way at first. Texans QB Joseph Gonzales (jag75austin) was in command from the beginning, averaging 39 points with his first 6 moves. Meanwhile, Colts leader Tim Strimenopoulos (Tim_Strim) struggled in the 1st quarter, totaling only 36 points with his first 3 moves.


“It was bleak there for awhile,” said Tim. “We had no vowels at one point. It’s nearly impossible to give up that kind of lead to a good opponent and have a chance to come back.” Houston fans were in early-celebration mode as it seemed a foregone conclusion that the Texans were on track to secure their sixth straight win. As the 2nd quarter got underway, Tim was on the wrong end of a 162-72 score.

And then someone flipped the switch. The anemic Colts offense suddenly turned on the power as Strim launched two bingos and multiple touchdowns, racking up scores of 36, 48, 40, 48, 75, 41 and 30 after his dismal start. Tim’s placement of JAB on the bottom left was a decisively risky move to get back into the game. It resulted in 41 points for Tim and hushed the Texans’ crowd, which had previously assumed this game was all wrapped up. The Texans’ lead of 100+ points was now down to just 3. However, everyone in the building noticed the wide-open opportunity that Tim’s move had left on the board, a perfect chance for Joseph to connect a TL & TW on the bottom left side.


A TL/TW connection most certainly would’ve won the game for Joseph. All he needed was an O to go in front of BE, but he didn’t have it. He settled instead for GASLIT to go back up by 33 points. Over the next few turns, both players were preoccupied with getting the last O and preventing each other from using it. Tim wisely played ELL for 26 points, making the O irrelevant.


The last few plays of the game became a contest to get rid of letters that no one wants to have at the end of a game. Tim had an assortment of U’s and I’s, which Joseph needed to get rid of his Q. Joseph figured he had a 5/8 chance of getting a U or an I as his last letter…either one of which would have guaranteed the win. Instead, he got the Z, another undesirable letter at the end of a game.


Blocking the T of GASLIT would not have given Tim many points…perhaps a 6-8 point move. But it most likely would’ve won him the game, leaving Joseph nowhere to put his Q, resulting in a 20 point swing at the end of the game. Instead, Tim went for the 20 points of HOW, which clinched the game for Joseph and the Texans, who ended the game with QAT and ADZ.


The final score of 443-397 is not indicative of how close this game was. It easily could’ve gone either way. In any case, the two foes are still neck and neck at the top of the AFC South Division and will play each other again in Week 15. Joseph and the Texans (6-0) face Scrabblekwondo and the Steelers (3-2) this weekend. Tim and the Colts (5-1) face Newtons3rd and the Bengals (3-2).

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