Chum Runners Speed Tourney #11 (Singles)2017-02-13T17:59:18-05:00

11807371_754058751387442_5232115692351269376_o23Single Elimination SPEED Tournament for Word Chums Players…hosted by Words With Friends 24/7

RULES: DON’T START UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A MESSAGE FROM CHALLONGE and/or ME. The names will be shuffled before it starts!
1. Play one game per Round; either player may start the game. If both start a game, use the game that was started first.
2. Each Round is 3 DAYS… NO EXTENSIONS!!
3. State in chat this is 24/7 Chum Runners Speed tourney and deadline for the round you are playing.
4. Winner reports scores **BEFORE deadline** on Challonge, and automatically advance to next Round. (To report scores, *log in* and click on green ? link next to your UN). NO scores posted at deadline will result in removal of both players. If there is an issue with slow play, contact us at Words With Friends 24/7 or message me here on Challonge to let me know! Even if you are behind in the game! I need to determine the reason for the delay and who will advance; most likely the player who cared enough to contact me. If neither party contacts me, then nobody will advance.
5. Please play your opponents as soon as they become available. Use of in game helps is allowed, however, outside games helps and apps are not allowed. This should go without saying. This wonderful fun game gives us much in the way of prompts and hints on its own! Use of word apps is considered cheating and will result in your removal from the tourney. Please play fair as prizes are involved and good sportsmanship expected! Thank you!
6. Private Message me via Challonge if you have questions or issues, or you can send a private message to your host!
7. If there is no game play for 24 hours (1 day), proven to me by screenshot, the stalled player forfeits the game.
8. Please like our Facebook page Words With Friends 24/7 and BE SURE TO SELECT “Get Notifications” to see our posts in your FB News Feed.

[challonge url=”cssm099j” theme=”1″ show_final_results=”1″ width=”100%” height=”1050px” multiplier=”100″] [fusion_old_table id=2 /]

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